The "desktop only" version of ScreenSteps Desktop Standard and Pro 2.9 has been discontinued.
The new ScreenSteps 3 is now available as a cloud service with a desktop authoring tool. Read more about this change here

If you are interested in a standalone tool please look at our Clarify product.

Powerful software that makes creating software documentation simple

Is your documentation non-existent?

ScreenSteps will help you create it.

Is your documentation confusing and boring?

ScreenSteps will make it clear and compelling.

Is creating documentation your biggest headache?

ScreenSteps will make documentation your biggest asset.

Creating documentation doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. ScreenSteps combines everything you need, screen capture, image editing and documentation authoring, allowing you to create better documentation in less time.

Download Version 2.9 Learn about Version 3