Purchase Blue Mango Products

Below is a list of online stores where you can purchase Blue Mango products.

ScreenSteps Desktop Store

Here you can purchase ScreenSteps Desktop Standard or Pro.

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ScreenSteps Academic Store

Here students and employees of accredited educational institutions can purchase educational licenses of ScreenSteps Desktop Standard and Pro. Education licenses are for non-commercial uses only.

Purchase ScreenSteps Academic Versions

Sign up for ScreenSteps Live

Here you can sign up for a ScreenSteps Live account. Each account includes a 14-day free trial and no credit card is required. All you need to do is enter your payment information before your 14-day trial ends to continue your account.

Sign up for a ScreenSteps Live account

ScreenSteps Upgrades

Here you can purchase upgrades to ScreenSteps Desktop. You can upgrade form version 1 to version 2, or upgrade from ScreenSteps Desktop Standard to ScreenSteps Desktop Pro.

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Revolution Tools/Courses

Here you can purchase SQL Yoga as well as the Professional Application Development with Runtime Revolution courses.

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